Service Charge & Ground Rent

Service Charge & Ground Rent 

Our dedicated accounts team carry out book keeping and reconciliation of all the leaseholders accounts.


A structured process is adhered to in the collection of Service Charges and Ground Rents. 

Arrears are monitored and chased automatically. 

Persistant arrears are handed to our Solicitors who we work closely with.

Service Charge and Ground Rent demands are prepared in conjunction with the current requirements and as set out in your lease. 


Prior to the end of the financial year, our team in conjunction with the Directors, will prepare and implement a budget for the up and coming expenditure.


Our dedicated Accountants administer the year end accounting procedures and prepare the final format in line with Companies House requirements. 

The Directors of the Residents Company are issued with a set of draft accounts for approval. 

These are provided to all leaseholders prior to the Annual General Meeting and once approved, these are then filed with Companies House as required.



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